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Merry Christmas Essay, Christmas 2020 Essay For Kids In English & Hindi

Christmas is one of the most popular festivals of world and celebrated by christens majorly. The people of other communities also celebrate the day with lots of energy. The day comes on 25th December every year and it is the day when Jesus Christ was born. The day is like Krishna Janmashtami of Hindus when all the Hindus celebrate the birthday of lord Krishna. During Christmas, all the churches & houses are whitewashed and decorated with lights, flowers, pictures, buntings etc. Children write merry Christmas essay and wait for Santa Clause so that they get gifts and candies from him. The day is special for people of all ages such as youth, elders and children.

Merry Christmas Essay

Rich and poor all celebrate this festival as per their ability and financial conditions. The day ahead of all these things this is why it is one of the popular festivals of world. People cut a branch of a tree and plant it at one corner of their house. Then they decorate the tree with toys, flowers and lamps. The Christmas tree looks so beautiful especially at the time of night. All member of a family sit together, have a delicious meal and wish each other a merry Christmas.

Christmas Day Celebration: Christmas Essay 2020

Christmas holidays start before some days of exam and children get happy with it. Some get Christmas Essay as homework for holidays and they visit here and there over internet to write it. It is homework for them as well as a fun activity. They also get Christmas gifts, chocolates and much more from their parents and Santa Clause.

Christmas Essay 2020

Christmas Essay for kids

On other hand, people of young age arrange a Christmas meal for their friends and loved ones. Most of them drink littlie wine on this special day and enjoy dancing on various Christmas songs. Couple holds the hands of each other and dances together on romantic songs. People pray to god and confess something that they can’t tell anyone else.

Merry Xmas Essay 2020

People enjoy the festival till late night by enjoying dance parties, sing songs and say each other a merry Christmas 2020. People of Christen community worship their god Jesus Christ because it is considered that Jesus Christ Is son of god and he was sent to save people on earth. The day is observed as national holiday in most of countries of the world.

Merry Xmas Essay 2020

Essay On Christmas Day in Hindi

Christmas 2020 is near and children of different schools will get Christmas essay 2020 to write. Now they will search here and there over internet so that they can complete their homework. We hope that you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year ahead. Thank you for your time and attention towards us. If you have any suggestion for us then please share in comment box.

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