Christmas Around The World - Traditions And Celebration

Christmas Around The World – Christmas Traditions And Celebration – Merry Christmas

Christmas is one of those festivals that is enjoyed and celebrated all over the world. The festival exceptionally reflects the culture and tradition of people. However, the style of celebration differs from place to place and people to people. Every region displays its own way to celebrate this beautiful fest. Whether you celebrate Christmas in China or in France, Christmas celebration around the world can mesmerize you. Can’t wait to enjoy the festivity? We will take you to a splendid tour of Christmas tradition around the world which you won’t be able to forget.

Christmas Celebration In Different Countries

Here we are sharing a list of different places that have their own way to celebrate Christmas. Whatever the region or the ritual, you will surely love these Christmas tradition around the world. Here is the list of top 4 Christmas celebration in different countries that will surely inspire to celebrate the fest in your own way.

 Christmas in Argentina  Christmas in Japan
 Christmas in Australia  Christmas in Kenya
 Christmas in Austria  Christmas in Latvia
 Christmas in Belgium  Christmas in Lithuania
 Christmas in Bolivia  Christmas in Malta
 Christmas in Bulgaria  Christmas in Mexico
 Christmas in China  Christmas in Montenegro
 Christmas in Canada  Christmas in Nigeria
 Christmas in Colombia  Christmas in Norway
 Christmas in Croatia  Christmas in Netherlands
 Christmas in Denmark  Christmas in New Zealand
 Christmas in Estonia  Christmas in Palestinian Territories
 Christmas in Georgia  Christmas in Philippines
 Christmas in Germany  Christmas in Portugal
 Christmas in Ghana  Christmas in Poland
 Christmas in Greece  Christmas in Puerto Rico
 Christmas in Greenland  Christmas in Romania
 Christmas in Guatemala  Christmas in Russia
 Christmas in Hong Kong  Christmas in Sri Lanka
 Christmas in Iceland  Christmas in Spain
 Christmas in Indonesia  Christmas in South Africa
 Christmas in Italy  Christmas in South Korea
 Christmas in India  Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago
 Christmas in Ireland  Christmas in USA (America)
 Christmas in Japan  Christmas in Zambia
   Christmas in Zimbabwe


Christmas Celebration in China

Christmas in China is called by a very unique name i.e. Sheng Dan Jieh, which means Holy Birth Festival. Although the number of Christians is less in China, the zeal of the festival is stupendous. People in China decorate their homes, lawns, and neighborhood building in a very beautiful way. They use posters, charming paper chains, and lights for the decoration. Christmas tree looks enchanting with decoration of bright lanterns, beautiful flowers, and paper chains.

Christmas in Australia

Australia lies in the Southern Hemisphere; hence they celebrate Christmas in summer. The people to prefer going to the beaches and setting up barbecues. The Australian traditions are similar to the UK and the US. The unique feature of their Christmas is the Adelaide Christmas Pageant. This largest Christmas parade in the world, and is attended by around 4,00,000 people. The parade takes place in early November, on the month’s first Saturday. Mass is attended only by the Christians Celebration In Australia.

Christmas Tradition in England

Christmas celebration in England is all about delicious recipes, carols, and busy people. Families in England bake cookies, wrap presents and decorate their homes with different materials. Christmas celebration around the world does fascinate the people but the eve in England has its own charm. There is a tradition where children write a letter to Father Christmas and hope he visits them in the night through the chimney.

Christmas in France

The festival of Christmas is one of the most enjoyed eves in France. The festival begins on 5th December, which is celebrated as St. Nicolas Eve. People in France enjoy the festival with sweet Christmas Carol and visit the beautifully decorated Churches. The day ends with a feast of recipes and Buche de Noel as a dessert which is a tasty buttercream-filled cake shaped like a Yule log.

Christmas in Spain

Unlike most countries, Christmas celebrations in Spain begin late on the 24th of December, and go on till the 6th of January, well into the New Year. This period is known as Navidad. Here Santa Claus goes by the name of Papa Noel. Kids here enjoy a double treat as they get gifts even on the 5th of January; they hang shoes in their windows, and get gifts from the Three Wise Men.

Christmas in South Korea 

South Korea Christmas being the only East Asian country to recognize Merry Christmas as a national holiday, the celebrations in the country are getting grander by each passing year. All the usual traditions are celebrated here, and Santa Claus is known as Santa Halabuji or Grandfather Santa.

Christmas Around The World - Traditions And Celebration

Christmas Celebration in Sweden

The eve of Christmas begins from 13th December in Sweden where people begin the celebration with St. Lucia‘s Day with full zeal. As per the tradition in Sweden, the eldest daughter in the family wears a long white dress along with a crown of leaves as a ‘Queen of Light’. The queen then goes to every bedroom to serve coffee and delicious breakfast for the family.

Now, you have enjoyed the tour of Christmas tradition around the world, you might find your own unique way to celebrate the eve. I am sure, if you are living in India, the US or anywhere else, the Christmas tradition in other countries will surely offer you a reason to enjoy the fest.

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