Christmas In Zimbabwe

Christmas In Zimbabwe, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas In Zimbabwe

The Christmas day is celebrated on 25th December every year in all over world including Zimbabwe. On this day, people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and enjoy the day with enthusiasm. In Zimbabwe, the Christmas is celebrated in middle of summer which is an awesome thing because there are so less countries having this kind of weather on that time. The day is celebrated under shining sun and with blooming flowers. The decorations can be seen in markets and the carols can be heard everywhere during this season. Today here we are with a topic i.e. Christmas Traditions in the Zimbabwe. So let’s check how it is celebrated in Zimbabwe. 

Christmas Traditions in the Zimbabwe

Just like any other country, the preparations for Christmas celebration start before so many days in Zimbabwe. The holidays start, shops and stores remain closed for these holidays. You will be surprised after knowing that some businesses remain closed for whole December month. The Christmas Celebration in the Zimbabwe is made with equal energy that we see in western countries.

Merry Christmas in Zimbabwe

At the time of Christmas in Zimbabwe there is summer and no snow. So the people express their feelings through blooming variety of white flowers. In cities, the carols are sung in evening time and the church services are organized in morning. People decorate their homes and a Christmas tree at one corner. The Christmas tree is fully decorated with lights and has lots of gifts around it. These gifts are for children so they can enjoy the day.  In this country, people also like to pull Christmas crackers to celebrate the day with joy. The Christmas meal is eaten under sun and it’s really hot there. Zimbabwe also follows some Christmas traditions that are followed in UK. In Christmas meal, chicken and rice are eaten as chicken is so expensive in country and a royal meal. On this day, people visit family friends and go for a trip into Zimbabwe to play games and swim. After Christmas day, the Boxing Day is celebrated in country and it is also a public holiday. In Zimbabwe, merry Christmas is known as “Muve neKisimusi”.

Merry Christmas Celebration in Zimbabwe

The reason behind celebration of Christmas is same in Zimbabwe as in other countries. It is proclaimed round the world that on this day Jesus Christ born to die and give us the gift of pardon from sin and eternal life.   

How to Celebrate Christmas in Zimbabwe?

How to Celebrate Christmas in Zimbabwe?

Here in this article, we tried to tell you all Christmas Traditions in the Zimbabwe. If you are going to be there for this summer then you have a chance to celebrate the occasion in summer. It will be an awesome experience for you. So don’t miss the chance if you are getting it. We hope that you got to know lots of things about Merry Christmas in Zimbabwe after reading this article. We wish you a merry Christmas.    

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