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Christmas In USA, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas In America

Christmas in USA – As United States of America has different traditions and multicolored people so the Christmas day is celebrated in many ways. Most of Christmas Traditions in the USA is same as in UK, France, Italy and some other countries. Same as other countries of the world, many people decorate their homes, work places and other things for Christmas celebrations. They visit each other, exchange gifts and wishes a merry Christmas. People start decorating their homes with lights and flowers some week before Christmas day. Arranging a special meal for guests is a common activity and it consists of turkey & some other special festive dishes. Youngsters go for parties and children get gifts from their parents and of course Santa Claus. A number of families spend lots of money on clothes, gifts and decoration so that they can celebrate the day with happiness. Here in this article we will talk about how Christmas day is celebrated in America. So let’s have a look.

Merry Christmas traditions in America

Christmas is a festival celebrated not only in USA or any other particular country but also in whole world. On this day some fun activities are conducted by many schools, churches and organizations. The activities can be anything such as decorating the space using lights, flowers and other props. People also love to place Christmas tree and plan a concert or event. Some people do some social work to celebrate Merry Christmas in America. They arrange meals, clothes, foot wears, shelters and lots of other things for needy people in the USA. This is how Christmas Celebration in the USA is made.  

Merry Christmas in USA

On Christmas day, almost all offices, schools and colleges are closed in USA. The day is observed as national holiday and people plan to meet their loved ones which becomes the reason of increase in traffic on the roads and highways. The Americans go to church to serve Christmas carol services and events to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. There are some shops in the city that sells decoration items and Christmas gifts only. Americans love to share Christmas cards, carols and Christmas pickle with friends, family members and all other loved ones. During Christmas in America, people love to decorate their houses from outside too. They also includes statue of Santa, snowman and reindeer in decoration. Some cookies, milk and chocolates are left out for Santa as snacks on eve of Christmas.  

Merry Christmas in USA

In southwest USA, some special customs are practiced that has some similarities in some parts of Maxico. These customs include ‘luminarias’ or ‘farolitos’ which are paper sacks filled with mud. A candle is put on them and these are then put on the edges patch. They represent ‘lighting the way’ for somewhere for Mary and Joseph to stay.

How to Celebrate Christmas in USA

How to Celebrate Christmas in USA

A number of our visitors wanted to know ways of Christmas Celebration in the USA that made us come with this article. We hope that they liked this article and got to know much about Merry Christmas in America. If anyone wants to know anything else regarding this topic then he/she can comment their query.  

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