Merry Christmas in Sri Lanka

Christmas in Sri Lanka, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas in Sri Lanka – Merry Christmas

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country and only 7 percent of Sri Lankans are christens but Christmas day is celebrated by all. The day is observed as a national holiday in country. Most of Christens in country are Catholics who have influence of various European countries. The Christmas Celebration in the Sri Lanka starts from start of December month as people start their shopping and decorations. The streets, homes and shopping malls are decorated on large scale and some places have large Christmas trees. A number of companies and hotels organize Christmas party, dinner to celebrate the day on a large scale.

Christmas in Sri Lanka

Christmas is a festival of people of all castes, creeds and countries. The Christmas in Sri Lanka is celebrated on a large scale with lots of energy and enthusiasm. On 25th December every year, people call their friends on dinner and spend quality time with them to celebrate the day. Children celebrate the day with fire crackers and they get candies from Santa Clause in return. In Sri Lanka the day is known with the name of Naththal Seeya. Sinhala is a language mostly spoken in Sri Lanka and in which Merry Christmas is known as ‘Suba Naththalak Wewa’

Sri Lanka Christmas Celebration

Christmas Traditions in the Sri Lanka

Spending Christmas in Sri Lanka is a great experience as people love to watch whales and enjoy delicious Sri Lankan food. There are number of things that are enough to make the day memorable for you. On other hand the day has its own traditional values in country. The day is celebrated as Jesus Christ birthday and observed as national holiday. At the midnight of 24th December, people gather in churches to attend “mid night mass”. Even people who are non-christens celebrate the day to their fullest. Most non Christens are invited on dinner parties by their christen friends to celebrate the day. People love to visit their relatives, neighbors and have dinner with them on this special day. This is the way of celebrating Merry Christmas in Sri Lanka. You may also share Merry Christmas Images 2019 to wish happy Christmas your loving ones.

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Christmas in Sri Lanka

How to Celebrate Christmas in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka Christmas is known with the name of Naththala and Santa Claus is called Naththal Seeya. The way of

Christmas Celebration in the Sri Lanka is similar with way of most of western countries. If you are going to be in Sri Lanka on upcoming Christmas then you can enjoy the day praying in church or having a dinner party in some hotel or resort. You can enjoy watching the style of Christmas Tree decoration and lots of other things.

Christmas Traditions in Sri Lanka

We wish that your Christmas in Sri Lanka will be a great experience for you. If you want to know more about Christmas Traditions in the Sri Lanka then you may ask us using comment box.

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