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Christmas in Spain, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas In Spain

Christmas in Spain – The Spain can be seen more energetic from December 24th to 06th January because of Christmas. The Christmas is called “Navidad” in Spanish and during this time period people of Spain try to fill the happiness in their life. If we talk about Christmas Traditions in the Spain then we want to let our all readers know that it is a mixture of christen and pagan traditions. As per catholic tradition, Christmas is celebrated on 25th December like any other country.

christmas traditions in spain

The day is celebrated because Jesus Christ was born on this day and people celebrate it every year. Then the New Year is celebrated on 31st December which is called “Nochevieja” in Spanish. After end of New Year celebration people tie their laces to celebrate “el Dia de Ios Tres Reyes Magos” which is known as “Epipharny” or Three Kings Day in English. So Christmas celebration goes for so long and people enjoy their holidays till 06th of January every year. Here in this article, we have mentioned that how Christmas in Spain is celebrated? So let’s read this article completely.    

Merry Christmas in Spain

Merry Christmas in Spain

The Christmas arrives some days before in Spain as the celebration starts from 22nd December every year. On this day, winners of popular Spanish Christmas lottery have been announced. The holidays start from this day and people start preparations to celebrate this day on a huge level. The Christmas Eve known as “Nochebuena” in Spanish is celebrated on 24th of December. On this time, the members of family gathers and eat meat, deserts and special kind of foods that are not eaten during any other time of the year. As per Catholics there is a special activity after dinner. People go for a midnight mass known as “Misa Del Gallo” in Spanish. People sing famous carols and celebrate the birthday of son of god. Mostly guitar, hand drums and some other specific instruments are used for collaboration with carols.  

How to Celebrate Christmas in Spain

In some parts of Spain “Nochebuena” is very exciting night as Santa Claus brings gifts for all children. Santa Claus is known as “Papa Noel” in Spanish. From this point of time, Christmas has just begun and people wish each other a merry Christmas. After Christmas dinner, families come together to eat the meal again. Children try their new roller skates, remote cars and other toys on the streets. After christmas day i.e. on 25th of December, there are numbers of

How to Celebrate Christmas in Spain

Christmas Traditions in the Spain that are uphold till New Year. On 28th of December, el Dia de Ios Santos Innocents is celebrated which is also known as Holy innocents Day in English. It is celebrated as Spanish April fool day when friends and loved ones prank with each other. After this on December 31st, Christmas Eve (Nochebuena) is celebrated as a family and New Year’s Eve (Nochevieja) is celebrated with friends and other loved ones.   

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