Christmas in South Africa

Christmas In South Africa, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas In South Africa

The Christmas is celebrated in whole world but the traditions vary country to country. Each country has its own way of celebrating this day and remembering the Jesus Christ. Some has different decoration pattern while other has different Christmas meals. There are numbers of stories behind celebration of Christmas Day and today we are with one of them. In this post we talked about Merry Christmas in South Africa.

Merry Christmas in South Africa

The Christmas is celebrated on 25th December in South Africa and it is observed as national holiday. During this time period, it is summer there because the country is located at south hemisphere. The day is very popular in towns and cities of South Africa. The carols can be heard, decoration can be seen during these days. The candle light service is also popular in South Africa and a number of people go for morning church service.  The popular food during Christmas is turkey, pork, dusk, roasted beef, yellow rice and much more. After all these Christmas meals, number of Christmas pudding comes which is a traditional South Africa dish. The dish is also known with the name of Malya Pudding. People of South Africa also love to fire Christmas Crackers on this day. So all over the Christmas in South Africa is celebrated with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

How to Celebrate Christmas in South Africa

On Christmas in South Africa, traditional ‘Fir’ trees are lightening up with lights. The children leave milk and cookies for Santa Claus on the eve. The carols are sung by groups of people as they come together at a place. Some people donate clothes, toys and other kind of material to kids to make their Christmas special.

How to Celebrate Christmas in South Africa

The people of South Africa have mince pies, gammon, beef tounge, corned beef, roast beef, green salad and barbecue outdoors as Christmas Meal. All these things are followed by ice cream or traditional Christmas pudding. Christmas Traditions in the South Africa are not much different than traditions in European countries. So if you are looking to visit the country on this upcoming festival then you are definitely going to enjoy. It will be a best experience for you as you will get a chance to enjoy the day in summer.

Christmas Celebration in the Sout h Africa

Some Christmas Traditions in the South Africa is same as UK because of its history with UK. On Christmas afternoon, people go to meet their family friends or plan a trip with them to play some games or have fun.

Christmas Celebration in the South Africa

In this article we shared that how Christmas in South Africa is celebrated. If you are going to be there on this upcoming Christmas 2018 then we wish that you will have lots of fun. If you have any question related to Merry Christmas in South Africa then you can comment us your query in comment box.

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