Christmas in Romania

Christmas in Romania, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas In Romania

The winter holidays are best time to travel and explore the world especially European countries. People are excited for upcoming holidays because the Christmas falls in it and it is one of the favorite festivals especially for kids. If you are planning to celebrate upcoming Christmas in some European country then you should try Romania this year. Here in this post you will get all the knowledge of Christmas Traditions in the Romania which will help you to know more about the country.  

Merry Christmas in Romania

Romania is a place which is known for its tradition and Christmas is no exception. The day is celebrated in country with lots of energy and enthusiasm. The cheerful children singing carols, lights & decorated market places and a crowd in churches, mouthwatering dishes are the theme of Christmas. Some of the Christmas Traditions in the Romania and rituals are old and some are adopted from western countries. Together these traditions make festive delightful and add a special charm in it.  

How to Celebrate Christmas in Romania

How to Celebrate Christmas in Romania

Christmas Celebration in the Romania started right after November 30th i.e. St. Andrew’s Day. As per locals, this time the evil spirits and vampires come to light. The time period of this celebration also includes Romania’s National Day and Saint Nicholas. On this day all the children receive gifts and celebrate the day.

Christmas Fasting (Postul Craciunului)

Christmas celebration in Romania

Romanians are religious people and practice fast on Mondays and Fridays. During Christmas, they practice nativity fast from 14th November to 24th December. During these days, who practice these fasts are not allowed to eat meat, eggs and milk. At some places, fish are allowed.

Family Reunion

Merry Christmas In Romania

It is also a way of Christmas Celebration in the Romania because people love to have a get together at some cozy place and spend some time with their families. During Christmas, the relatives, friends and other loved ones can be seen in most of the Romanian houses. The people gather at a place to tell stories, dance, sing carols, giggles and celebrate the day completely. It is a best time for Romanian people to spend quality time with family members so that they can create some memorable moments.  This is how Merry Christmas in Romania is celebrated.

Christmas Food

Christmas traditions In Romania

Meal is main part of Christmas Celebration in the Romania as some delicious dishes are cooked. The Christmas meal includes roasted pork, homemade wine, pickled vegetables and much more.

Romanian Carols

Romanian Christmas Carols

The carols are one of the best parts of Christmas in Romania because they are magical. These carols can be heard all over the country during Christmas time and people enjoy these lot. These carols are filled with wishes for health, prosperity, fulfillment and much more.

We hope that you got to know a lot of things about Christmas Traditions in the Romania after reading this article. If any of our users want to know more about Christmas in Romania then he/she can ask us through comment box. Wish you a merry Christmas 2018.

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