Christmas In Portugal

Christmas In Portugal, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas In Portugal

Christmas is festival which is celebrated in not only any particular country but also in whole world. The day comes with lots of happiness, energy and prosperity. People celebrate the day with enthusiasm especially kids get so excited for the day because they get chocolates, gifts and candies from Santa Clause. The day is also celebrated in Portugal with lots of enthusiasm. So here we are to tell all our users that how to celebrate Christmas in Portugal. Read this article completely to know all the Christmas traditions in the Portugal.

Same as Spain, the traditional food of Christmas is called “Consoada”. The food is eaten during evening and the dish is made with green vegetables and boiled potatoes. The meal is eaten after shellfish, wild meats or some other foods.

Christmas Celebration in the Portugal

After eating the meal, people go to church for ‘Missa do Galo’ or ‘Mass of the Rooster’. As per this activity, an image of Jesus Christ brought out and people kiss it. After that the image is put in the presepio which is present in every church.  

Before leaving for this activity, parents put the baby Jesus in nativity scene in their houses. They also put the gifts under Christmas tree so that the Jesus Christ be in his manager by the time the family returns home. After coming from activity children check the nativity.  

Some families have two times to open the presents as children open some presents after midnight and most of them in morning time after waking up. This is one of the ways of celebrating Christmas in Portugal.

Merry Christmas in Portugal

If we talk about traditional dish of Portugal on Christmas then let us tell you that it is turkey. In northern Portugal, goat or lamb is eaten. On other hand the pork is served in south part. On this special day, people of Portugal come together and have lunch on a table. In portuguese, happy merry Christmas is called Feliz Natal. ‘Boas Festas’ is used for merry Christmas and a happy new year. The Christmas 2018 is near and people of not only of Portugal but also whole world are excited to celebrate the day. 

Christmas in Portugal

If you are the one who is looking to celebrate Christmas in Portugal then this article may help you to know Christmas Traditions in the Portugal. If you are getting a chance of celebrating this eve there then don’t miss the opportunity.   

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