Christmas In Nigeria

Christmas In Nigeria, Celebration & Traditions Of Christmas In Nigeria

Christmas in Nigeria – How it is different? Christmas in Nigeria is a period of countless joy when families come together and rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ. Though some denominations quiet do not trust that Jesus was really born on the December 25th, all seam in to contribute in the Christmas festivity. The Christmas period is debatably the most renowned season in Nigeria, because everyone pleats to celebrate the Yuletide period. People twitch shopping for Christmas by first December. Through Christmas time, kids expect a new cloth, named a “Christmas cloth”, from their parents. Youngsters then go from family to family in the neighborhood Christmas presents, generally in the form of lesser amounts of money. Children use maximum of the money to buy fireworks.

How to say Merry Christmas in Nigeria

Merry Christmas in Nigeria

Through Christmas, many cities and towns are deflated as maximum Nigerians who have stirred to the towns return to their family villages to be with family and to consecrate those who are less privileged. The main gift shared on Christmas in Nigeria is both money andtackles. People commonly go to church on the Eve of Christmas and begin celebrating directly afterwards. People start enjoying the beautiful eve with dance and drinks. Once they get tired and finish their dinner go to sleep. Then, in the morning on very day people wake up to meet each other and greet with a “Merry Christmas” in their own languages. Many diverse languages are spoken in Nigeria; in Yoruba it is ‘E kuodun, e kuiye’dun‘; in Hausa, Merry Christmas is ‘barkadàKirsìmatì‘;in Fulani it is ‘Jabbama be sallaKirismati‘;in Ibibio, ‘Idaraukapadeisua‘in Igbo (Ibo), ‘E keresimesiOma‘, and in Edo, Merry Christmas is ‘Iselogbe‘.

Interesting Christmas Traditions in the Nigeria

Christmas Traditions in the Nigeria

Christmas means dissimilar things to dissimilar people around the globe, however there are certain traditions that are exclusively Nigerian, and have distinct this season for Africa’s greatestcrowdedtown. There are 6 interesting Christmas traditions associated with Nigeria which will surely tickle you

  • Christmas Rice
  • Christmas Finery
  • Father Christmas
  • Christmas Tree and Decoration
  • Masquerades
  • All Day Knock – Out

Merry Christmas Traditions in Nigeria

Christmas Celebration in the Nigeria – Unique celebrations

Christmas Celebration in Nigeria

Republican in Nigeria love adorning their house with laced or unwoven palm. They also use Christmas lights and Christmas tree for decoration determinations. The celebrations are implausible and disparate in western nations, they take place right there on the path. One can see that it is ajuncture for the people to seepage from the labour of their lives and cossetin good music and food, garbed in their best clothes. Possibly, there is no other festival further Christmas which is renowned with such bonhomie in Nigeria. People do entirety in a jiffy to make it more blissful for themselves, their relatives and even strangers visiting their nation.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Nigeria

How to Celebrate Christmas in Nigeria

The leading activities through the festivity in Nigeria contain eating traditional food, sharing of presents and cards as well as meeting family, friends and visiting places of choice. In Nigeria, the Christmas festivityobtains substantial inspiration and pattern from the undeniable Nigerian spirit. With over partial of the population bearing commitment to the Christian faith and residing primarily in the south, Christmas is a biggest festival in Nigeria.

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