Christmas in Montenegro

Christmas in Montenegro, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas in Montenegro – Merry Christmas

Christmas the most Awaited festival, the day of “Lord Jesus” Birth is celebrated twice in a year in Montenegro. One is celebrated on 25th December but some people also celebrate it on 7th January. The reason behind the Christmas celebrations in Montenegro on 7th January is the Orthodox Julian Calendar. But the way of celebrations is same on both of the days. Christmas is all about the pray, love, friends, Families get together and joy. So today, we will tell you the amazing and unspoken truths of Merry Christmas in Montenegro.

Christmas Traditions in Montenegro

The Christmas Traditions in Montenegro are not same as the other American Countries. Few days before the Christmas a person from each family head towards the forests to cut down the tree and divided it into the pieces known as “Badnjaks.” These pieces are given to the each member of the family. The women of the house decorated these Badnjaks by bay leaves and hyacinth flowers, all tied together with red thread. On the Christmas Eve (Day before Christmas) the man brings it into the house and says “Merry Christmas Eve” to his family members. While the other members of the Family reply him by Saying “Thank You.”  On The day of Christmas in Monetenegro the people also decorated their cars and main doors with the orange Tree Branches.

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Christmas Traditions in Montenegro

Christmas Celebration in Montenegro

Merry Christmas in Montenegro is celebrated in a unique way by “Gun Firing”. You must be amazed by knowing this but yes it’s true. The gun Fire is an integral part of the celebration in Balkans whether it is a wedding, party or birthday. Women households cook different verities of delicious foods. ‘Cesnica’ is a special kind of bread made at Christmas. On the Merry Christmas Morning in Montenegro the Male of the house visited to their relatives and friends. And the first visitor of Christmas Morning gets the Christmas Gift. So it is really adventures and quite delightful the way of Christmas Celebration in Montenegro.

Merry Christmas in Montenegro

How to Celebrate Christmas in Montenegro

People start fasting around 40 days prior to the Christmas in Montenegro. The people who can’t fast for such long time period they fast only on the Christmas Day and break their fast with the traditional Montenegrin appetizer of prosciutto from Njegusi, a village famed for its prosciutto-making. Some people also have the boiled prosciutto, served with cooked potatoes and cabbage in Christmas Lunch. The traditional sweets of Montenegro are baklava and strudel, served with thick Turkish coffee. Late on the Christmas Eve in Montenegro people head out to meet their friends to old towns of Montenegro and also drink fine Montenegrin wines. The Christmas traditions of Montenegro are taken from various regions and a complete pack of jubilation.

Christmas Celebration in Montenegro

We hope you’d like the information we shared about the Christmas traditions and Celebrations in Montenegro in this article. You can write us in the comment section for any query or suggestions regarding this. We are always there to help you in every manner. Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!! 

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