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Christmas In Japan, Celebration & Traditions Of Christmas In Japan

Christmas in Japan – Tradition and facts; Christmas in Japan is an entertaining, celebratory time of year. Since there are rare Christians in the nation, none of the spiritual connotations related with Christmas were carried over from the West, and it isn’t a public holiday. Though, numerous of the things usually linked with Christmas – Christmas trees in the shopping malls, Christmas bazaars, and LED decorations – make an advent, as well as a few exclusive customs that are morally Japanese.

Merry Christmas in Japan –Different Side of Japan

Merry Christmas in Japan –Different Side of Japan

Celebration of Holiday season in western countries seems to be isexactly opposite of the as it is in Japan. For the republicans of Japan Christmas is the period for couples and friends to have parties, make plans of dinners, organize get-together and celebrate the day to most of it. And at the time of New Year all family members collect together for feast, visit temple, Churches, mosques. It may sound bit funny but this is a fact Christmas Eve is considered as the most romantic eve of the year in Japan. Or you may say it as it is the Valentine’s Day version of Japanese. The funniest part is if you don’t have a date with you on Christmas Eve. You won’t be seen alone in public on the day. On the most romantic day of Christmas in Japan streets are decorated with beautiful lights and to faultlessness to symbolize thee beautiful and romantic day. Usually on the Christmas Eve couples book dinner tables in restaurant especially youngest one. The stores and Supermarkets sell beautiful Christmas gifts for couples.

Christmas Traditions in the Japanunique Japanese traditions 

As we all know Christmas is around the corner although it is not a public holiday in Japan because the percentage of Christian republicans in Japan is very low or about 1{74123f3d3a791fb1103326516bec895c1295feb14e992cfc92013d75201a6634} only.

Christmas Traditions in Japan- unique Japanese traditions 

It’s still felt through the nation. It is a special and festive time of the year particularly because Japanese have a Public holiday on 23rd December to rejoice the reigning Emperor’s Birthday. If you are making a plan to visit Japan before or during New Year and Christmas, you will find numerous things traditionally linked with Christmas: streamers, Christmas bazaars, and wonderful lights. You can also learn a few exclusive Japanese customs with many charms that can and should be esteemed in their individual right. Though it may be a little diverse from what you might be second-hand to, Christmas is still felt and rejoiced in the land of the rising sun.

Christmas Celebration in the Japan

Christmas Celebration in Japan

As we were proverb, Origin in Japan is recognized as a time to spread pleasure, rather than a spiritual festivity, and all the distinctive things that drive with it have the same sense and connotations. The Celebrations are high during the holiday season and Japanese love to rejoice the parties and grand celebration the romantic day of Christmas.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Japan – A Step to Step Guide

If you are in Japan this year to celebrate the most romantic day of the nation, below step out points will help you-

  • Eat Strawberry Shortcake
  • Visit a Christmas Market
  • Go Shopping
  • Exchange Gifts
  • Attend the Disney Christmas Parade
  • Go On a Date
How to Celebrate Christmas in Japan

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