Christmas in Greenland

Christmas in Greenland, Celebration And Traditions of Christmas in Greenland

Christmas in Greenland is innumerable times everywhere in republic – Christmas is the season of meeting with friends, relatives and family members. People in Greenland meets to family members gather to enjoy the festivity. Together with family eat Cakes, Drink coffee also exchange gifts wrapped brightly which mostly contain a pair of tusks, a model sledge, or even a sealskin paw.  Christmas is the favourite festivals of Youngsters and kids as they will receive many gifts and get mouth-watering deserts to eat. Children go house to house, singing Christmas carols to collect their gifts. The season of Christmas is most awaited time in Greenland.

Merry Christmas in Greenland or “’JuullimiPilluarit’”

Merry Christmas in Greenland or “'JuullimiPilluarit'”

If you are travelling to Greenland on Christmas or this will be your first Christmas in Greenland, learn how to say Happy/ Merry Christmas in Greenland in their local language. Say ‘JuullimiPilluarit’ to wish any Greenlandic. The event is just around the corner hope everybody is ready and done with all their preparations to relish the day to fullest. In Greenland Christmas trees are adorned with candles as well as cheerfulknick-knacks.

Christmas Traditions in the Greenland are very unique and special

Christmas Traditions in the Greenland are very unique and special

The traditions and rituals associated with Christmas in Greenland are special and unique because they are developed by Greenlanders. During the celebration there is dancing almost every night throughout the festivity. There are amazing and very uncommon food traditions in nation. Family members enjoy coffee and cakes together with sweet carols. After it everyone is given Mattak that is skin of whale with a strip of blubber inside.  The taste of it is similar like coconut, however is hard to chew and is commonly just swallowed. Greenlanders prepare special diet for this special occasion mattak and Kiviak (it is dish made of fat, meat, blood, berries and herbs, which is draped in Robbenblag and conserved by freezing).

Christmas Celebration in the Greenland is truly a magical experience

Prior many weeks of Christmas in Greenland the preparations and beautiful decorations are put up and brightened Christmas stars are dangled in several windows.

Christmas Celebration in the Greenland is truly a magical experience

All villages in Greenland sets up a ignited Christmas tree on a mount, so everybody can see it – and whomsoever can have enough money to have a tree sent from Denmark, beautifies it at home on 23rd December. Classic tree decorations contain candles, handcrafted items and ornaments.

Do you know How to Celebrate Christmas in Greenland?

Kids go from dynasty to dynasty in a traditional Greenlandic getup, humming their carols and it is, all in all, aactually magical experience. Preserve in mind, too, that there is no sunshine in Greenland in December and you will appreciate why the charisma of the holiday season with all its tapers and streamers seems even more unusual here in Greenland. Though it can be extremely cold, it is too heart-warming as well, and Goosebumps are guaranteed.

Do you know How to Celebrate Christmas in Greenland?

On the Eve of Christmas, there is a prevalent church service that is joined by several in the national Greenlandic costume or white anorak. Ensuing that, an imperative part of Christmas in Greenland are cakes and coffee, along with kiviakand mattak.

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