Christmas in Austria

Christmas in Austria, Celebration And Traditions Of Christmas in Austria

Planning To celebrate “Christmas in Austria” this year?? Austria can be the best place to celebrate this Christmas. But know the facts and traditions of Merry Christmas in Austria before you start your packaging to celebrate there. Austria is a European country where the Christmas is celebrated on 25th December of every year. People gathering and festive decorations start few days before the Christmas Celebration in the Austria. Austria natives and countries tourists who come to memorialize Christmas in Austria, gift each other and in the mid of the Night they celebrate the festival with full of the Joy and enjoyment. Now let’s come to the Christmas Traditions in the Austria. This article will blow your mind with the unknown facts of Christmas Celebration in the Austria, food and heritage history behind this.

Christmas Traditions in the Austria

Christmas Traditions in the Austria

The Christmas preparations in Austria start 4 week before the festival on Sunday. This is known as “Advent”. Austrians decorated their homes and rooms with the advent wreaths, woven from evergreen twigs and decorated with ribbons and four candles. Each of the candles is lighten up on Sunday leading up to Christmas. Families pray and sing carols together. Christmas trees are decorated with the candies, ornaments, nuts cookies. On the Christmas Eve the Tree is lit first time and families sing Christmas Carlos together. The Christmas Carlos ““Silent Night, Holy Night,” written was on December 24th, 1818, by Josef Mohr and Franz Gruber. The Christmas Presents are placed under the trees and later it gifted to the well behaved children.  

How to Celebrate Christmas in the Austria

How to Celebrate Christmas in the Austria

Christmas in Austria, is a day of Joy, rejoice and happiness. The Delicious & mouth watering food cooked on the Merry Christmas in the Austria. On Christmas some Austrian fast on Christmas Eve & the food could be the meat less. A vegetarian dish Gebackener Karpfen’ (fried carp) is the main meal for Christmas in Austria. In dessert you can have chocolate and apricot cake ‘Sachertorte’ and Austrian Christmas cookies ‘Weihnachtsbaeckerei’.

Places to Visit on Merry Christmas in Austria

Places to Visit on Merry Christmas in Austria

You can go any time of the year to Austria to enjoy your holidays. But November & December is the best time to visit the Austrian cities.  If you are an International Tourist then you must know that the market will be opened on Merry Christmas in Austria. “Vinnea” the capital of Austria is the best place to shop on this Christmas where you will get the best Fancy dresses to dress up yourself on Christmas. The Christmas market will be set up in the large square in front of City Hall.

Christmas Celebrations in the Austria – Christmas Symbol

Christmas Celebrations in the Austria - Christmas Symbol

The Christmas Celebrations in Austria is almost same as rest of the other American Countries. But the Santa Clause in Austria is called as “Christkind.” He is the symbol of angel and child who delivers gifts and presents to the children on Christmas Eve. To experience your Christmas in Austria you must start your planning now. We hope that you will enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas in the Austria and May your Christmas season be filled with joy and light.

To know more about the Christmas Celebrations in the Austria or Merry Christmas in Austria, write to us in the comment section. We are always there to help you in every manner. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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