Christmas In Argentina – Celebration & Traditions Of Christmas In Argentina

Celebrating Christmas in Argentina is something which is different from Europe and America. Streets are decorating for sixty days with different Christmas themes on every day. People are celebrating a whole month with full gesture and happiness. People meet their dear ones and relatives and arrange a huge dinner party at Christmas evening to share happiness with among. Christmas celebration in Argentina is something which everyone wishes because of the traditions and their culture they are following from decades.

Christmas in Argentina

Christmas is a season for religious festival, feelings and in addition to appreciate social affairs with family and companions. Christmas in Argentina incorporate the Christmas Tree, decorate the tree with bells, stars, lights red and white blooms, and the boots of Father Christmas. Spending Christmas in Argentina has an altogether different climate than numerous urban communities in the Northern Hemisphere. Weather is awesome in Argentina in this festive season, It is frosty chilly outside, there is quite often a great deal of snow, wherever is enhanced for the occasions and everybody is in the Christmas Day celebration soul.

Christmas Traditions in the Argentina – Its Food

Argentina is always being famous for the verities and quality of their traditional food and if there is Christmas evening then it definitely be special in this case. Here you can find out the list of all the traditional food and recipe as well. Below are some special traditional Christmas food of Argentina like Mantecol, Pan Dulce, Turrón, Garrapiñada, Champagne, Budín con/sin frutas & Sidra many more. In Argentina people call Christmas ‘La Navidad’ and congratulate each other Merry Christmas by saying “Feliz Navidad!”

Christmas Traditions in Argentina

Merry Christmas in Argentina – ‘La Navidad’

Christmas evening in Argentina offer different kind of atmosphere where people come together by forgetting the issues going on between each other and celebrate this festival with a heart full of love. Children are waiting for the gifts coming at mid-night, adults plan picnics and outing with their friends and families. Everyone is enjoying this season of festival with full enthusiasm and energy. Songs for Merry Christmas in Argentina can be heard from every street and home. Traditional dessert “Panettone” is the special dessert that is prepared for Christmas dinner to serve people after their meal.

Christmas Celebration in Argentina

Merry Christmas from Argentina

Christmas evening is the celebration when people of Argentina enjoy family gatherings and go to Church with their whole family. They celebrate Jesus birthday as well as decorate their home and Christmas tree with red and white flowers and with the boots of Father Christmas. They place gifts around the tree and arrange a dinner party on the lawns and gardens. People listens carols and also sing Christmas songs with each other.

Merry Christmas in Argentina

Celebrate this awesome festival with the people of Argentina and spend some time to know their Christmas tradition and culture with our help. Merry Christmas to all our loved ones and yes “Feliz Navidad!” to all.

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