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Merry Christmas Crackers, The History of Christmas Crackers – Happy Christmas

Christmas Cracker also known as Bon-Bons in some parts of Australia and it is most important part of Christmas celebration in UK, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. It consists of a segmented cardboard wrapped in a paper with a prize in center. The cracker is pulled by two people, each holding from chamber. After applying the force by both people, the cracker split and leave one person holding the central chamber which consists prize. When the cracker gets splitted it produces a snapping sound. We know that after reading about Christmas Cracker, you are excited to know about the history of Christmas Crackers. So friends here we have wrote all the history and other information regarding Christmas Crackers.

christmas crackers

merry christmas crackers

The assembled crackers are available in various designs in boxes of three to twelve. There are lots of colors available of these crackers like red, green, gold etc. These Christmas crackers are usually pulled on dinner parties and on some special occasions. In the tradition of Christmas Crackers, the person who got the larger portion won the game and keep the gifts gathered from the tube. These gifts are as per price of crackers as these crackers are sold in variety of prices. Usually these gifts are small toy, paper hat, small plastic model, a joke, riddle, paper hats with celebrations etc. The paper hats are usually worn at dinners at Merry Christmas.  

History of Christmas Crackers

The tradition of pulling Christmas Cracker has started in early 1840s. The Christmas Crackers invented by Tom Smith of London who was a sweet maker. He had seen French ‘bon-bon’ sweets made with almonds and wrapped in a pretty paper. He came back to London and tried to sale the sweets in England with that idea . He also included a small motto or riddle with that sweet but his idea didn’t work.

History of Christmas Crackers

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The History of Christmas Crackers

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One night when he was sitting near the log fire, he became interested by the sparks and crackers which were coming from fire. Then he thought if his sweets could be opened with a sound when the wrappers were pulled. The idea worked and it became tradition to use Christmas cracker at Christmas parties. Later on when Tom died, his sons expanded the business and introduced the hats in to crackers. They also travelled in the world to find the new ideas.   

Christmas Crackers

So it was the Christmas Cracker history that how it was started and came in tradition. Now there are no Christmas parties without pulling Christmas Crackers. It is really a fun activity and people enjoys it a lot. Specially kids become so excited to play their role in this tradition. They gets gifts, toys, sweets and much more after pulling these Christmas crackers. Here we explained all about Christmas Cracker and the tradition. If you still have any queries, you may ask from us by commenting on comment box. For Merry Christmas Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, Messages keep in touch with us.

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