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Christmas In India – Celebration & Traditions Of Christmas In India

Christmas in India is a gazetted holiday – As compare to other nations, the Christian population is less. As we all know India is a land of festivals and people of multiple religions live here. As per the comparison with other religion Christian population is very less in India around 2.3 {74123f3d3a791fb1103326516bec895c1295feb14e992cfc92013d75201a6634}. Still the festival of Christmas is celebrated with Zeal and passion because in India people are fond of celebrating festivals of all the religions. The ritual of Christmas celebration was familiarized here with the settlement of Europeans. However the country expanded its independence in 1947, many European traditions and festivals remained on. The fact that there is the existence of a Christian public in India aided the keeping of these customs in no less a way. The festival is also devotedly celebrated by people of other religions residing here.

Christmas in India is a gazetted holiday

Merry Christmas in India – snowy Christmas and sizzling India

For Indian Christians, specifically the Catholics, the Night mass on the Eve of Christmas is a very significant service and clasps great religious importance. Every year, on the night of December 24th, all followers in Christian families visit their native churches to join the Midnight mass. On this evening, churches in India are adorned with candles and Poinsettia flowers. The mass over, every persondelights a mouth-wateringdinner of various fragilities, mostly containing of curries. Thereupon, offerings are given to one another and wish “Merry Christmas”. India being a diversecultural nation, numerous different languages are vocalized here. In Hindi and Urdu, Merry/Happy Christmas is ‘Bade Din ki Mubarak’; ‘Krismasasyashubhkaamnaa’ is in Sanskrit; ‘Barodinershubhechhajanai’; in Bengali and in Tamil it’s ‘ChristhuJayanthiNalvaalthukal’.

Merry Christmas in India - snowy Christmas and sizzling India

Christmas Traditions in the India is delight to watch

As we all know Indians are fond of celebrating festival of all religions also Indians treat guest as God. There is a provision in India of Welcoming guests not just with sweet gestures but also with sweets on the festive occasions. In the south parts of India Christians lit small clay lamps on the roofs on Christmas Eve in order to show that Jesus is light to the entire world

Christmas Traditions in the India is delight to watch

In India, Santa Claus or Father Christmas is detained to be the giver of gifts to kids from a cart and horses. As in the U.S., he is supposed to deliver gifts at the house of eachchild who acts well during the whole year. Santa Claus in Hindi is recognized as ‘Christmas Baba’ andin Tamil ‘Christmas Thaathaa’.

Christmas Celebration in the India

Most of the Christians celebrate the day by attending Church, Spending Time with friends and family, eating festive meals is vital part of Christmas celebration in almost all the nations. Families exchange presents and give sweets, candies to kids. People decorate their homes with blinking lights, small clay lamps and with mango and banana leaves.

Christmas Celebration in the India 

How to Celebrate Christmas in India

How to Celebrate Christmas in India

All the mall and super markets in India are fully decorated with beautiful Christmas stuffs, big Christmas tree which is full with – stars, balls, jingle bells, candies, and snow. Also there is a person in the costume of Santa who is distributing small gifts to Children. Parties are organised on Christmas Eve where all family members, relatives and friends gather to add more fun to the celebrations.

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