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Christmas in Iceland – Celebration & Traditions Of Christmas In Iceland

Christmas in Iceland – Ancient winter solstice celebrations – Christmas in Iceland is in numerous ways related to Christmas in the United States. Families and friends get together, relish decent food and exchange gifts. It is Iceland’s lengthiest holiday everything is shut from noon on the Eve of Christmas till December 27.

Christmas in Iceland – Ancient winter solstice celebrations

One main difference between Christmas in U.S and in the Iceland is that republican of Iceland rejoice on Christmas Eve. The family gets collected in the evening and that is when gifts are exchanged. Through the following two days everybody goes to Christmas gatherings and meets with grandparents, friends, uncles, aunts and cousins.

Christmas is taken very extremely in Iceland. The entire house is gutted, everyone acquires something new to dress, and people purchase the best food, adorn the house inside and out and swelter hundreds of cookies. It is really a feast of the minds.

Merry Christmas in Iceland

Merry Christmas in Iceland

Though this is the shadiest time of the year in Iceland in relations of daylight hours – however it’s stricken up with uncountable Christmas lights, perhaps enhanced by a blanket of snow and on pure nights the auroras in the atmospheres placed on a dance presentation in green, white, purple and pink. So this is too a very thrilling time of year that’s full of escapades in a winter wonderland!

Christmas Traditions in the Iceland – Þorláksmessa 

Þorláksmessa is celebrated 2 days before Christmas day on 23rd of December. It is usually one of the biggest shopping days in Iceland as people route to the stores in a fury to get the last Christmas gifts.

Christmas Traditions in the Iceland - Þorláksmessa 

Þorláksmessa is named after St. ÞorlákurÞórhallsson, a pastor in Iceland in the 12th century. He deceased on this day in 1193. He was beatified by Althingi (the Icelandic Parliament) in 1198. There are two feast days of Þorlákur, first one is 23rd December and the second is in the month of July on 20th.

Skate is the dish of the day. The reason behind it is this is the end day of the Christmas fast and nobody was made-up to eat meat. The skate is preserved and rotten because, much like crook, skate has enzymes that can be injurious when consumed new. It is served generally with boiled potatoes. The ritual of eating skate on 23rd December is still very general in Iceland regardless of the sturdy smell of ammonia that arises from the pickling and rotten of the fish.

Christmas Celebration in the Icelandis the high point of the holiday season

Christmas Celebration in the Icelandis the high point of the holiday season

To celebrate Christmas in Iceland huge events are organised, and the luxurious dinner is just the commencement of the night. On the other hand what the kids have been to come for so long – the opening of parcels – cannot take place till a few facts have been joined to: the table has to be cleaned and the dishes eroded, but there are numerouseager hands for that. The big jiffy arrives when everybody is sitting restfully in the living room. Then what can be search in those attractively wrapped parcels? Fascinatingly, books have been amid the most general items for Christmas presents in Iceland for eras. Parents usually give their kids items such as clothes, related gear or skis, books or CDs.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Iceland?

How to Celebrate Christmas in Iceland?

Christmas celebration in Iceland is very similar to U.S. in terms of Decorations. The tree is decorated with garlands, lights, different sort of accessories, etc.

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