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Christmas In Denmark – Celebration & Traditions Of Christmas In Denmark

Christmas in Denmark is great celebration because Danes love Christmas.

The Republican of Denmark loved it so much that every day of December is celebrated with food, presents and uncountable Christmas parties.

Christmas in Denmark

From the very first day or beginning of December month, maximum of us have gift calendars comprising of 24 pieces of candy or toffee, one for each day earlier Christmas. And at evening, our two giant television channels telecast a Christmas series with 24 chapters; one for kids and one for grown-ups.

Calendar Candle – Christmas Traditions in the Denmark         

One another vital part of Christmas in Denmark is the calendar candle which is given with 24 markings. We light it each day at the tea table from the very first day of December month.

Christmas traditions in Denmark

Utmost families have an Advent wreath as well. It involves of 4 candles, each of which is ignited every one of the 4 Sundays foremost up to Christmas Eve. The wreath is ready from neatbranches and decorated with neat cones, white candles and red ribbons.

Christmas Celebration in the Denmark starts from the beginning of December with Calendar Candle and then Santa Lucia       

On December 13th, people in Denmarkrejoice Santa Lucia, the Catholic Saint of Light. The day of christmas is rejoiced with young girls processing andretirement homes, singing in schools, hospitals and churches. They attire white dresses and grip a candle in their hands. The front girl also attires a crown of candles on her head.

Christmas Celebration in the Denmark

Then in evening at 4pm, every Danish kidwatches the amazing Disney’s Christmas show. It’s been publicised every Christmas Eve for very long and for sure kids love it each time. The display is a 45 minute gathering of Disney clips with a wonder cartoon movie at the end.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Denmark? – Dinner with folks, families and relatives is great idea.

Organising a perfect dinner with all the loved ones is the best thing about Christmas. The Christmas food in Denmark is completely A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Usually, dinner is served at 6pm and it requires many days to organize it. Maximum Danes eat roast duck served with red cabbage and prunes, sweet and boiled potatoes, cranberry jam and beets. Others eat pork and roast goose instead.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Denmark

Merry Christmas In Denmark - Celebration & Traditions

The dish served in desert is too yummy and it called risalamande.  Risalamande is made up with cold rice pudding with whipped cream, peeled chopped almonds, sugar and vanilla. According to custom, one whole almond is secreted in the bowl and the finder gets a gift. The fun portion is trying to search it and then hide it from everybody else so they keep eating to get it.

Rejoice Merry Christmas in Denmark with fun activities like dancing around the tree.

After having an amazing dinner there is lot more fun to be held on the merry day of Merry Christmas. Usually we see kids Rome around Christmas tree in hope of Santa living the gifts under the tree with their name. In Colombia its bit unique every one including kids and grown – ups dance around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

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