Christmas In Colombia

Christmas In Colombia – Celebration & Traditions Of Christmas In Colombia

Christmas customs differ all around the globe, and rejoicing Christmas outside your own nation or away from your home & family can look like an unusual or even unfamiliar experience the first time you do it. In the Republic of Colombia there are some entirely unique Christmas customs and centenaries, read below some of the most exclusive and unusual Customs of Christmas in Colombia.

Christmas Traditions in the Colombia which known as Day of the Little Candles

Christmas Traditions in Colombia

Day of the Little Candles, or The Dia de lasVelitas, arein what mannermaximum Colombians welcome the Christmas period. On every 7 December, families take to the roads to lit hundreds of tiny candles, which are destined to bright the path of the Virgin Mary as she originates to bless their home and families. You will realize these shining beacons lighting the roads of all Colombian cities and town on this day. So, this year in enjoy this Christmas Traditions in the Colombia.

There is different Christmas Celebration in the Colombia like – The ‘Novenas’    

Christmas celebration in Colombia

For the nine night’sprimary up to Christmas, the republic of Colombian families meet in each other’s house, conventionally to chant an old Christmas prayer. Though many people still preserve the spiritual aspect, it has grew a bit into a decent excuse to get collected for nine straight nights to drink, eat and generally be merry! Christmas Celebration in the Colombia has a great traditions and customs and of course Colombians sure do love a party…

Merry Christmas in Colombia with Christmas lights and origin scenes

Merry Christmas in Colombia with Christmas lights and origin scenes

Evidently, Christmas lights and origin scenes are not mostlyuncommon or exclusive to Colombians. Though, the sheer pledge and gage of Colombian lights and origins are what makes them stand separately. You will find elaborate origin scenes – occasionally complete with real plants or running water– in the entrance of most flats, hotels and buildings. And the Christmas lights take it to additional level: Medellin, in specific, is renowned for the lots of lights they cord up in the city every Christmas. Enjoy Merry Christmas in Colombia.

How to Celebrate Christmas in Colombia? Is the question in your mind also?

How to Celebrate Christmas in Colombia

Though many nations await the coming of Santa Claus bearing presents for the children, in Colombia, it’s a bit different: kids stay up till late on December 24 to collect giftsbrought by…the Baby Jesus himself! You still see many of images and bright lights comportment the image of cheerful old Santa, but that’s more down to the effect of TV and movies than a traditional thing. Certain people might think it looks a tad mean to have Baby Jesus bringing the gifts – it is his birthday and all – but it’s avital Colombian Christmas tradition nonetheless.

There is one more tradition of Christmas in Colombia Known as – Day of the Innocents

 tradition of Christmas in Colombia

If you supposed the fun ended on 25 December, then for sure you haven’t celebrated Christmas in Colombia yet! On December 28, the entirenation rejoices the Day of the Innocents: people play practical jokes, pull pranksand just normally try to charm each other and themselves! After the spark of Christmas Day had faded, it’s anexcessive way to get your moods back up in preparation for the New Year.


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