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Christmas In China, Celebration & Traditions Of Christmas In China

Story of Christmas in China – Might be most of you are not well aware with this thing that there is very minor percentage of people who are Christians in the People’s Republic of China and also there are commandments regulating the festivity of religious holidays. Christmasis a way more widespread in Hong Kong (especially with the inaugural of a Disney resort) and Taiwan, of course, is furtherwesternized that than the PRC. Even though when Christmas is rejoiced, yet, the traditions and experiences may be bitdiverse from those in the United States. While small percentage of people celebrates Christmas in China with great zeal.

Merry Christmas In China - Celebration & Traditions

Say Merry Christmas in China or ‘Sheng Dan Kuai Le in Mandarin 

Yes you guess it right in Chinese language People wish Merry Christmas as ‘Seng Dan Fai Lok in Cantonese and ‘’Sheng Dan Kuai Le in Mandarin. And do you guys know what Chinese say to Santa? ‘Sheng dan Lao ren,” Yes the name is big but the meaning is same Old Christmas Man. Translations may be different as per the mother tongue but traditions and practices are same all around the globe. Although there are very few peoples in the republic of China who celebrates this festival of Christmas but still the decorations of Christmas trees with lanterns and paper chains is like treat to eyes. So are you ready for Sheng Dan Kuai Le in Mandarin or Merry Christmas in China.

Say Merry Christmas in China or ‘Sheng Dan Kuai Le in Mandarin 

Unique Christmas Celebration in China

As we all know that unlike United States and Europe Christmas is not a big holiday in China still it does contain some special and unique traditions.

Unique Christmas Celebration in China

  • People in China follow a lovely custom of gifting apples wrapped into coloured paper. The reason behind development of this tradition is the word “apple” in Chinese sounds too much similar to the word for “Peace”. Those apples will be eaten on the beautiful Eve of Christmas because the word “Christmas Eve” in Chinese mean as quiet or peaceful evening (from the traditional song Silent Night).

Christmas Traditions in the China bit different from other countries   

Christmas Traditions in China   

  • Although many people in China do not know the story of celebrating Christmas nor they understand the Carol singing. Still the chanting of carol Jingle Bells sound very good to ears.                 
  • All those people in China who are Christian go to special services. It is a very popular custom of going to midnight mass services. During the recent years attendance at Christmas Eve mass has develop very popular.

How to Celebrate Christmas in China?

How to Celebrate Christmas in China?

  • Now the things westernized much and as per the western or modern culture organising family feast is a new and trendy practice in the celebration of Christmas. Unlike western culture the Chinese families still follow their old customs of eating food accompanying with Chinese New Year. This might contain chicken, soup with wood ears and roast barbecued pork.
  • Same like all other places Children in China waits for their Dun Che Lao Ren the translated name or you can say a Chinese version of Santa Clause for gifts. Children pray under Christmas tree and hang up muslin stockings in the confidence of Santa will full fill their wishes of beautiful gifts.

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