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Christmas In Australia – Celebration & Traditions of Christmas In Australia

Australia is the world’s smallest continent. Most of the people living in Australia are the immigrants from England or Ireland. It is summer time in the country when Christmas arrives. This makes the Christmas in Australia different from other countries.

Merry Christmas In Australia

Australian Christmas Traditions and celebration is discrete as at that time the summer vacations are going on in the country. People here mainly follow British & Irish traditions. They hang wreaths on their doors and decorate the Christmas tree with decorative items.

Christmas In Australia

Carols by Candlelight is one of the most famous Merry Christmas Tradition in Australia. People sing Christmas carols and light candles on the streets or outside their homes. The stars shining in the sky add to the charm of this joyful ceremony.

Christmas In Australia

Australians decorate their houses, shops and workplaces with Christmas Bush which is a native tree which has cream coloured flowers. They also use ferns and flowering trees which blossom in the summers. Scented candles and fragrance diffusers are used all around which makes the environment mesmerizing.

At some places, there are fireworks shows which are really amusing and add to the festive mood. During Christmas in Australia, the parks and amusement destinations are bustled with visitors and firecracker shows are organized in the night time.

Christmas Tradition in Australia

Christmas Tradition in Australia

However, it is very hot during Christmas in Australia but the people here remain fully enthusiastic for the festival throughout the season. It seems like the summers have no effect on the delight of the festival.

Here, people distribute sweets, chocolates and gifts to each other and much enthusiasm can be seen, especially in children. They wait for the old Saint Nick to bring gifts for them. Australians make special dishes and arrange house parties to celebrate Christmas. They buy new clothes and other items for their own.

One of the most important parts of Christmas Celebration in Australia is that people go to the Church together and pray. It is a tradition for many families in the country to attend Church on the Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas Celebration In Australia

In the morning, people start their day with a breakfast of eggs and ham. Various other delicacies like cakes and pies are prepared for a mouth-watering feast. Guests are also invited for a get-together.

Merry Christmas Celebration In Australia

One special thing for Christmas Tradition in Australia as per Irish tradition is that the father sets up a big candle in front window of the home. This is to welcome Mother Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. The candle is lit by youngest child of the family.

After all the happiness and charm of the Christmas Eve, people start preparing for New Year’s Eve. Overall, it is a very graceful atmosphere during Christmas days which generally start from November in the country. To end the season of Christmas in Australia, there is one last party held on the twelfth day which is the January 6th of the next year.

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